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At the same time, two hundred and fifty years after the division of the huge Xiongnu Empire, the Hu people in northern Xinjiang gathered enough strength again. Countless ferocious and greedy barbarians are sharpening their knives, just like wolves on the grassland gradually approaching their prey, waiting for their feast. Some of them, who in the past hundred years gradually moved to Hebei and Guanzhong Xiongnu people, di people, Qiang people, Wu Huan people and Jie people, had already cut off a piece of delicious flesh and blood from the body of the great Jin court. The fertile land was reduced to a battlefield, the sons of the Han family were killed and wounded, and the regime of the Great Jin Dynasty continued to lose blood. However, Lu Yao raised his head and looked around. It was a world of confusion. Military commanders were afraid of death, civil officials loved money, emperors were ignorant, and thieves swarmed. What is more terrible is Lu Zhi and his like. He threw himself wholeheartedly into the confrontation with Sima Yue, the king of the East China Sea. In his eyes, he could not see that the Great Jin Dynasty was in imminent danger. In his heart, he never sympathized with the innocent people who suffered! Lu Yao has never thought of cooperating with Lu Zhi, even if Lu Zhi offers enough price to make anyone move, it can not move Lu Yao. Lu Yao kept a high degree of vigilance at all times against the great counsellor who had shaken the world in the past and the great enemy who had framed dozens of lives of the children of the Lu clan in Jiangdong. If we consider the reality of the problem, Lu Yao is now Bing Secretariat of Liu Yueshi under the tooth general, and the stone justice is the east China sea king Sima Yue's arm. If Lu Zhi and his contacts were leaked out, the king of the East China Sea would be furious,tile profile factory, and Yue Shigong would be very difficult to do. Since the end of the war in Yecheng, Lu Yao had never met Lu Zhi again, and only ordered Zhu Sheng to bring a number of reliable subordinates to take close care of him. Lu Zhi around the camp, Bing soldiers to monitor, even food and daily life are not allowed to act alone. While Liu Fei, Bai Kui and other dead soldiers under the command of the king of Chengdu sent by Lu Zhi in the past, Lu Yao was particularly affectionate and invited them to live with him in Jian'an Yi, so as to avoid their second thoughts,stainless steel tile edging, and to isolate them from Lu Zhi. Such an arrangement, can not be said to be imperfect, Lu Yao originally intended to wait for everything to be settled, and then carefully consider how to deal with Lu Zhi. But he never thought that this scholar, who had no strength to tie a chicken, had disappeared under the eyes of Zhu Sheng and others? Lu Yao subconsciously clucked and pressed the edge of his palm, trying to suppress his restlessness: "You say, you say.". What the hell is going on? When did you find it? Ashamed, Zhu Sheng suddenly fell to his knees. "General.." As one of Lu Yao's most trustworthy subordinates, Zhu Sheng is very clear about Lu Zhi's background and deeply understands the special significance of this person. Lu Yao gave him the task of taking care of Lu Zhi, because he took a fancy to Zhu Sheng's astute character. As a result, only one day later, he let Lu Zhi escape! Zhu Sheng could hardly wait to be humiliated with blood. He knocked his head twice on the flagstone floor, and a big blue bump bulged in front of his forehead. To be detailed, Lu Yao suddenly stepped forward two steps to bypass Zhu Sheng, hurriedly tunnel: "This matter later.". Hurry back and settle the soldiers. No one is allowed in or out of the camp without my orders. Besides, Chu Kun! "Yes!" "Take a hard trip and immediately recall Ding Miao, tile trim manufacturers ,aluminium tile trim profiles, Xue Tong, Shen Jin and others." Lu Yao's words were low and hurried, and Zhu Sheng and Chu Kun had not yet had time to answer, and he ignored them. Smiling straight ahead, he raised his voice and said, "General Lee!" It was Li Yun who hurried over, and by this time he had already lifted his feet across the gate. Almost all the senior officers of the Yecheng Defense Force have been lost in the war. At the moment, Li Yun is Wei Jun up and down the first undisputed military officer, palm tens of thousands of troops, Wei Jun hundreds of thousands of people safety set in one. Perhaps because of this reason, Li Yun's action style is very different from two days ago. Two rows of soldiers with halberds lined up beside him, from the gate of the courtyard to Lu Yao. Pieces of iron pocket, sleeve armor exudes metallic color, which is very dignified. Li Yun's own state does not seem to be very good, his eye sockets are sunken, quite haggard, with a strange luster of excessive excitement in his expression. As soon as Lu Yao bowed half a bow, Li Yun took a few steps to the side of the road. Daoming, the king of Xincai is dead! "Really." Lu Yao just nodded slightly.
Yesterday Jisang Schleswig bandits have been so publicized, at this time is only the final confirmation of his death. For Sima Teng, who directed the erosion situation in Bingzhou and Yecheng, he really couldn't arouse much grief. Li Yun looked at Lu Yao's face, which looked too calm, and added, "The king of Xincai is dead!"! The brothers found his body. Alas, it was too horrible to look at. Li Yun thumped his chest, stamped his feet and sighed, but Lu Yao interrupted and asked, "But I don't know where the Schleswig bandits are now."? Did General Lee send his army to pursue him? "Ah.." This has not yet been investigated in detail. Ji Sang is dead, the thief army is afraid, they can't do it. Let's deal with it after the complete recovery of Yecheng. Li Yun answered perfunctorily and went on, "King Xincai is dead, and all the people who beg for life are sad.". I have thought about it, must make the men quickly dressed in mourning, in order to show the sincerity of the child. But also immediately to the court, to show the loyalty of our army. The memorial said, "I beg the living army to thank your Highness for his kindness, and everyone died, so I killed the bandit leader Ji Sang.". The rest of the bandit army absconded, and our army will pursue and suppress them on a large scale, vowing to avenge the king of Xincai and never die with the bandits! He took Lu Yao by the arm and asked, "What do you think, Daoming?"? "Don't worry, I will tell the truth about the great achievements of the kings of Bingzhou, and I will never treat Daoming unfairly." Lu Yao was suddenly a little irritable. Yecheng war, all kinds of people are all with evil intentions. Lu Yao's backyard caught fire and ran away. Lu Zhi was in trouble. And Li Yun these words, clearly also contains the meaning of the test. Seeing that Li Yun's elite subordinates were all around, and that there were no irrelevant pedestrians, Lu Yao smiled and said slowly, "General Li, why are you acting like this?" Li Yun flashed a look of surprise. "What do you mean, Daoming?" He asked. "Ah,stainless tile trim, you know and I know, needless to say." Li Yun shook his head and said, "What is Daoming talking about?"? I really don't know. Could it be. What's the misunderstanding? Lu Yao saw that he was so reserved that he could not help feeling even more ridiculous. jecatrims.com