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After a few steps, there was a flash of inspiration in my mind, a pause in my footsteps, slanting my head, staring at the resplendent door, meditating, teacher. Could that be what it means? This chapter is half excessive and half excessive. In other words, do you want to suddenly become beautiful? Maybe a little sprucing up. The collection is still falling crazily, tears. [Chapter 36 Confused Mommy] Settling down the thoughts in my mind, imprinting the surrounding environment and the general layout of the hotel into my mind, I glanced at the endless flow of doors and stepped around the underground parking lot without being noticed. Easily dodged the security guard guarding the entrance and exit doors in the parking lot, carefully avoided the monitors in the underground parking lot, and slid silently all the way to the elevator entrance. Fortunately, there was an elevator being repaired, and he flashed in decisively. After making sure that the camera inside was not activated, he took off the watch buckled on his wrist and slid it to the watch ring. A sharp bulge appeared on one side,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and I twisted my eyebrows. I didn't do enough preparation in advance, and the tools were a little simple. Quickly cut open the junction of a window on the upper left of the elevator, take down the window and put it aside, reach out and grope for an edge, and borrow a force to open the narrow ventilation window of most of the body. I took a gentle breath and climbed up to the top floor of the elevator carefully. My destination was the 14th floor, but I didn't even know the layout of the 14th floor. I pursed my lower lip. In this case, I had to find the general monitoring room first and get the layout of the 14th floor. Looked at the rope of the elevator,wire mesh decking, and then turned his eyes to the other side of the elevator that has been extending up the wall ladder, but there is still a distance from his position, will buckle the rope on the elevator, buckle in his waist, a few steps back, an accelerated run, in the edge of the elevator to jump hard, let oneself hit the wall ladder, a touch, quickly fastened the wall. The sliding foot also stepped on it and arrived safely. Without stopping, I climbed up quickly and went directly through the passage of the elevator into the vent. The smaller and smaller vent made me have to walk instead of climbing. The vent, heavy duty cantilever racks ,drive in racking system, which had not been cleaned for many years, was covered with dust. You don't have to look to know you're dirty. He could not help pursing his lips and secretly admired the teacher and his people of the same profession. Came to a net window. After listening for a while, he made sure that no one had passed by, wasted some time to take down the net window, clung to the edge of the net window, carefully slid to the ground, twisted his eyebrows and patted the dust on his body. Follow the general pattern and go around to the end to find the staff room. I cleaned myself up, put the spare clothes hanging in the staff room directly outside, and walked in the corridor openly. It was really a quiet floor. When I came to the emergency passage, the floor showed that it was the 7th floor, half of the 14th floor I wanted to reach. After thinking about it, I gave up the idea of going to the general monitoring room and went straight up the stairs. Very easy to reach the fourteenth floor, which I can not help but wonder, so easy to reach the destination, the teacher is not ready to test me? Confused, he pushed open the door of the emergency passage, and after a few steps, he was stopped by an employee, who was slightly stiff at the moment. Who is that? Come and help. Come so late. Aren't you afraid the boss will fire you? He was about to rush forward to pull my hand, and his body subconsciously avoided it. That female is angry: "You this person how good intention does not have good newspaper.". If I don't pull you, I won't pull you. What are you pulling. Come on, you need help in the kitchen. If the manager catches you slacking, you can wait to say goodbye. Akimbo crackled, and his waist twisted away. I looked at the angry figure through my bangs. I thought about it and followed it. The woman did not look back and say anything. Push open a swinging door directly at the corner. Get busy. I pushed the door hesitantly. The eye is the huge kitchen which is noisy and busy. I was stunned by the busy figure back and forth. I wanted to quit. He was pushed aside by a cook who had just come in. Then he remembered that he seemed to have been standing at the door of the kitchen. He stepped aside with a slight shudder. Not long. I was told by a man for a while, and then one. The cart was thrust into my hands. Silly Leng Leng followed the person to push out. I didn't think of it until I came to the elegantly decorated hall. I'm not here to serve.
He looked at the cart with some embarrassment. He followed the people in front of him and put a plate of exquisite dishes on the long table. He pursed his lower lip helplessly. I decided to finish what I was doing. The words of the chip. It doesn't matter much if you send it later. Return the empty vehicle. I was looking for a chance to get away. But he was stuffed with a big pot of vegetables. Together with several waiters, they cleaned up on one side. I can't help being silent. I seem to have become a place to work. If it goes on like this. When can I send the things of my father and mother to the teacher. After washing the dishes and vegetables, he was immediately called by a chef to watch the soup. After reading the soup stock. Retreated to the vegetable cutting field by an unknown person. Holding the kitchen knife for a moment. Sighed a little to himself. Turn the kitchen knife in your hand. Rise and fall quickly on the table. The beautiful knife work drew a flurry of attention. The things taught by the teacher are really very useful. The consequence of such a neat and beautiful knife work is that most of the ingredients that need knife work in the whole kitchen are piled up next to me. I had to be patient and quickly finish what seemed to be an unbreakable thing in my hands. It was more strange that they should not know themselves, but they did not seem to care that I was a stranger. After cutting the troublesome things as required, I dared not hesitate to run away from the busy kitchen. Half an hour later, with a dull expression, I silently looked at my mother, who was smiling with a guilty conscience. It was said that my father and mother were on their honeymoon, and the teacher who could not see the end of the dragon. The three of them gathered together. After half an hour of searching, the teacher's figure seemed to disappear, which made me suspect that the message given to me by my parents was wrong, but when I hid, I was suddenly taken to the guest room by the teacher and saw my parents who should not be here, which immediately made me realize that I was wrong. Where's the stuff? Bailiyan coughed with an expression,Teardrop Pallet Racking, breaking the weirdness of the room. I lifted my wrist, opened the hidden compartment in my watch, took out the tiny chip and handed it to Daddy. jracking.com